HORROR | THRILLER | 90 mins | 2017 | Release Date: August 8
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While touring SCHERMANN SONG on the festival circuit, I completed a feature script, a black comedy called F*CK MARRY KILL, with the full intention of shooting it next. We even started the casting process for it. The only problem there was this nagging voice in my head telling me to give horror another go. I couldn't shake it.

Next thing I know I'm busting out a supernatural script with my brother and scrambling to find a shooting location in Maine -- all before it gets too cold to shoot outdoors in a body of water.

We wanted to shoot in the summer but we ended up filming during the early fall, so I lost some of the actors I'd written the roles for due to scheduling.  But see, the Movie Gods like to fuck with you a little first to make sure you really want to do this. I did -- so they blessed me with an amazing cast and location.

So here we are.

This one's designed to be scary as hell folks -- a throwback to films from the 70s and 80s. 

This sizzle premiered on MovieMaker Magazine's Instagram Profile.  While shooting on location in Sept 2013, we were given access to their account to post pictures from the set. We thought it'd be cool for our very last post to be actual footage instead of just pictures.

Formerly Titled: UNNERVED

Fun Facts:
It's the first script I co-wrote with my brother Mike and we enjoyed the process so much that we plan to team up again for more projects.