ICE CREAM GIRL: My Film That Never Was (But Will Be Someday)

2012 was a very good year for me.  I couldn't have asked for anything more.  However, with success also comes those speed bumps...the set backs...the almosts.  So today I'd like to share with you a secret film project that I actually started shooting in December 2011 -- but never finished (yet).

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I shot SCHERMANN SONG in July 2010, so while in post-production I was itchin' to get back on the set.  In December 2011, I decided to make something quick - in between projects - to keep my directing chops fresh and work on my cinematography skills.  I shot the film myself with a crew of 2-3 people total (sometimes just myself depending on the day). I told the actors involved that we'd make it with an open-ended timeline...meaning I'd work around everyone's busy schedules and we'd put it on the back burners as projects came up.

After 8 days of filming I realized the scope of the project was turning into something larger than I had imagined (in a good way).  However it meant needing more time that none of us had as we were closing in on Christmas.  I put the film on hold, in hopes that we could pick up after the holidays.  However, 2012 came and was one if the busiest years of my life.

And so my film sits....on the back burner.  Incomplete.  I plan to make a sizzle reel out of this footage to raise the money so I can expand the storyline.  I want to do it right and not rush without the resources to do it.

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As lucky as I've been to make feature films, I've also had projects stall.  Some due to lack of time...others are because of the lack of financing.  In this case, we went so far as to even shoot some of it (which reminds me of David O. Russell's unfinished film). In filmmaking, many roadblocks will happen. It's par for the course. The thing is to keep the momentum going with something.

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In my years of successes and failures, this is what I hold close to me:

Have an idea. Take action. Don't wait. Surround yourself with amazing friends who believe in you. Network. Be nice. Create.  There will be roadblocks. Find the detour. Don't stop. Ever.

I haven't stopped.

Much appreciation to the following artists who joined me for this project: Christina Rose, Will Triplett, Nati Rabinowitz, Samantha Smart, William DeMerrit, Liz Wisan, Zach Wobensmith, Daryl Ray Carliles, Rick Gizzi, Ben Holbrook

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