3 Scenes That Affected My Life

In continuing the series of calling out a few scenes I’ve seen in my lifetime that truly stand out, here are 3 more. These are not simply scenes I remember — they truly had a profound impact on me and on how I view the art of filmmaking. 

This one is music and montage driven and how it can move a story forward.

TOOTSIE (dir. Sidney Pollack) – even as a kid I loved this moment. At first you may think it's just a superficial romantic montage, capturing those first innocent moments. But watch closely and you'll notice there's something deeper going on. Pollack structures it so brilliantly so that we're watching two people falling in love with OTHER PEOPLE.

WRITTEN ON THE WIND (dir. Douglas Sirk) – the first time I saw this film was in college. The juxtaposition of editing, the cross-cutting and use of music over images was pretty revolutionary to me. I hadn't really seen it used so effectively before and in such a violent manner. Mind blown.

PLANES TRAINS AND AUTOMOBILES (dir. John Hughes) – the images and flashbacks were used so effectively here that even as a teen I was so moved. I felt the power of a real friendship on display with perfectly timed cross cutting and the sublime score working together. In particular, it's when Steve Martin laughs to himself is what sticks with me to this day.