3 Scenes That Affected My Life

In continuing the series of calling out a few scenes I’ve seen in my lifetime that truly stand out, here are 3 more. These are not simply scenes I remember — they truly had a profound impact on me and on how I view the art of filmmaking.

Fair warning. We're gonna have minor spoilers here.

REAR WINDOW (dir. Alfred Hitchcock) – my parents showed me this and it's one of my top-ten all time faves. This moment made me lean forward and tell Grace Kelly to get out of there. Never had I felt such anxiety from seeing a film. I felt just as helpless as Jimmy Stewart. When Raymond Burr looks up at us across the way...jaw dropping. To be able to create such a visceral feeling, yup truly a master at work.

THE THING (dir. John Carpenter) – I saw this film at a friend's sleepover when I was in third grade (gotta love going to someone else's house to sneak in a horror film when you're 10). This film is full of great moments...but this sequence...oh man this sequence! The moment when his fucking chest caves in shocked the hell out of me. It blindsided me with a slap of fear and being disturbed all into one.  I can't recall feeling that way about a movie before seeing this film.

THE BREAKFAST CLUB (dir. John Hughes) – Seeing this clip brings back great nostalgia for me. I bought a used VHS from the video store across from my junior high (snuck off campus with my buddies to do it -- and talked the clerk into letting me purchase it, as this was before videotapes were sold cheaply to the public). When I saw the movie for the first time, it was just perfect. So relatable. So funny. So touching. And then this scene happened. So fucking romantic. It's stuck with me to this day on wondering how I'd ever be able to create something like this...not only a moment like this, but the actual feeling that fills my heart when I see it. It's all about a perfect budding romance. The what ifs. And all done with music and very little words.