3 Scenes That Affected My Life

In continuing the series of calling out a few scenes I’ve seen in my lifetime that truly stand out, here are 3 more. These are not simply scenes I remember — they truly had a profound impact on me and on how I view the art of filmmaking. 

This time I'm going to cover on how I fell in love with LOVE in the movies.

ROBIN HOOD: PRINCE OF THIEVES (dir. Kevin Reynolds) – Call me crazy but to me this is one of the most romantic moments put to screen. It's all starts with the magical and genius Michael Kamen score. Then I just love how cinematographer Douglas Milsome splashes that rimlight on Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio's hair. And the dialogue brings it home with such zingers as:.

Robin: It was good to see you again Marian.
Marian: It was good to be seen.


Robin: Your King Richard's cousin. You can get word to him of Nottingham's plan. He would believe you.
Marian: If the Sheriff found out I could lose all that I have.
Robin: It's true. But will you do it for your King?
Marian: No -- I'll do it for you.

Cue the fucking awesome Kamen score.


I don't think any actors could mess this scene up. And thankfully I'm a Costner fan anyway so all the talk about his accent that comes and goes doesn't bug me at all.

THE LAST OF THE MOHICANS (dir. Michael Mann) – There's something compelling about sacrifice and passion under extreme circumstances. Nothing like it to heighten the tension and romance right? Michael Mann is firing on all cylinders here with the backdrop of that breathtaking waterfall and the life and death stakes involved -- all brought home by the performances from Day-Lewis and Stowe. Seems like the parting of lovers -- the unrequited love -- the heartache -- is what I gravitate towards.

PS - Notice how Madeleine Stowe looks at him doing the "Stay alive!" speech....Jesus!

THE LAST AMERICAN VIRGIN (dir. Boaz Davidson) –  I was barely a teen but was totally into girls already, so I rented this film expecting to get my teen sex comedy T&A fix. And while it started it out like that, this ending crushed me. It was so real. Even at my young age I could relate because I was already going through puppy love and the rejection that comes along with it.  This film made me realize that movies -- when done well -- can still have deeper emotions in any type of film, regardless of genre.

When those end titles scroll...I thought "what the fuck? That's how they're gonna end this??" But yeah, it's real life.