Goodbye Dad

This morning my father, Francis King, passed away peacefully. He was the strongest, smartest, most honest, most humble man that I knew. Recently I was trying to think of his favorite hobby (besides working -- he was a passionate workaholic) and for the life of me I couldn't think of what he enjoyed doing. Until I realized it was family. His hobby was loving and caring for his family. For my mom, my brother and me. Everything he did was for us. He wanted us to be happy and succeed in whatever we did.

He was pretty quiet and private though. A typical phone conversation on his birthday would be:

Me: Happy birthday Dad. I love you.
Dad: Okay thank you. You wanna talk to mom now?

I loved those talks. I looked forward to them.

I will miss him terribly. I loved him so much. This post doesn't seem to do much justice. However, in some small way by sharing this with all of you, it helps to keep his memory alive. By reading this, you now know about him. And that makes me smile.