Great writing advice

Max Landis and Danny Strong are both very successful writers. I've recently come across videos from the giving some good writing advice.

MAX LANDIS - I totally agree with him on this one. The majority of my writing (ideas) come to me as I'm driving, working out, showering, fading into sleep. I keep my trusty EVERNOTE app (yes it's free!) on my phone to make all the notes. So when I sit down to write, I'm basically just transcribing the idea into the script.

DANNY STRONG - Love this advice. Writing what you don't know keeps things exciting. Part of the fun of creating is learning about and experiencing things you haven't done. I'm so pumped about my latest script because it's a world I truly enjoy, but will never get to experience first hand. It's been such a joy to develop it with someone that I can't wait to start filming with in the near future.

The bottom line is you can get a ton of advice. So only use what applies and works for you. There's never really a right way to do anything. These 2 videos from Landis and Strong stood out to me over many months of randomly coming across screenplay advice.

Happy writing my friend.