3 Scenes That Affected My Life

In continuing the series of calling out a few scenes I’ve seen in my lifetime that truly stand out, here are 3 more that come to mind. These are not simply scenes I remember — they truly had a profound impact on me and on how I view the art of filmmaking.

BEFORE SUNRISE (dir. Richard Linklater) – the power of what’s not said is more amazing than anything that could be said. It was in this moment that filmmaking subtext opened my eyes.

WITNESS (dir. Peter Weir) – again, what’s not directly addressed was so powerful.  As a kid, I found this very romantic.

FANDANGO (dir. Kevin Reynolds) – the extended dance scene in one of my favorite underrated gems. To me it was pretty bold to spend so much time in this moment.  Not sure most filmmakers would do this (or be allowed to by studios) nowadays.  Thankfully it’s allowed to breathe and we get to enjoy it in all its beauty.