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3 Films That Affected My Life (Endings)

In continuing the series of calling out a few scenes I’ve seen in my lifetime that truly stand out, here are 3 more. These are not simply scenes I remember — they truly had a profound impact on me and on how I view the art of filmmaking. 

This one is all about the ending of a film. ***SPOILERS AHEAD!!***

THE FLY (Dir. David Cronenberg) - this film came out when I was in junior high -- and girl crazy. So when I saw this, I was all caught up in the romance and destroyed by its heartbreaking ending. What's funny is I really didn't care for Jeff Goldblum's character (Seth Brundle) -- until the very last minutes of the film, when he puts the shotgun to his head. So fucking tragic. I didn't want him to die. I wanted them to live happily ever after. And after it happens, there's no extra 5-10 minutes of unnecessary epilogue bookend shit. It just fades to black. The story is done. What an epic way to end this masterpiece.

LOST IN TRANSLATION (dir. Sofia Coppola) - Just when you think you're going to see another romance film, comes along this amazing gem. We want our leads to connect, and be together; and yet know it can't happen. So how do you end the film? The way Coppola does it (and according to some reports with the aid of Bill Murray's improv), it doesn't get any better. It's understated. Not so tragic. And in fact, it's hopeful.

THE THING (dir. John Carpenter) - It would be remiss for me to do an entry like this and not mention a Carpenter ending. His downbeat (yet hopeful) endings totally blew my mind as a kid. There was never anyone really riding off into the sunset -- and at an early age, I really dug his bleak storytelling style. It rang true. I could pick a ton of endings from his films (PRINCE OF DARKNESS, ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK, ASSAULT ON PRECINCT 13)...and, of course, this one. So simple. So powerful. So open ended. Love it. 

The best part of a Carpenter ending is when it CUTS TO BLACK. Sadly, I couldn't find any video to let you experience that exact moment. Here's the closest I could find.

BLOW OUT (dir. Brian De Palma) - Okay so I'm cheating this time by sharing more than 3 films, because I can't mention a John Carpenter ending affecting me tremendously without mentioning how a 'De Palma CUT TO BLACK ending' is just as chilling and influential on my life. And none more powerful than this one. It wasn't happy. We are left devastated. Then the last scene happens which just crushes you. And then it ends.

I couldn't find a video clip of the's a shot from it. It's worth seeing the entire film anyway. 

Travolta's best performance happens in this scene.

For me, seeing BLOW OUT began a life long obsession with De Palma and how his CUT TO BLACK ending just fucking smacks you in the face (in the best of ways). It's very rare for me to experience such a visceral reaction to and ending as much as a De Palma for Peter Weir.

Ok, cheating some more with 2 more films, since we're talking about Peter Weir now.

Peter Weir endings are fascinating. They can be both up or down, but again, his films end with some visceral, deeper punch to the gut. His movies really grab you by the collar and make you experience them. Both of these profoundly wrecked me: one with inspiration (DEAD POETS SOCIETY)...the other with hopelessness (GALLIPOLI).

DEAD POETS SOCIETY (dir. Peter Weir)

GALLIPOLI (dir. Peter Weir)

Top Films of Everything I Saw in 2015

In cased you missed it, here are my other Top Films Lists

My Top Films list compromises of any film (from any year) that I've seen for the first time in 2015. Due to my own projects, I sadly wasn't able to catch all the awards contenders as I'd hoped (and yes I've missed a ton).

So this is more about the movies that I watched and left a lasting impression. These were just really damn entertaining. Or inspiring. Sometimes both.

18. COOTIES (2014) - directed by Jonathan Milott & Cary Murnion | written by Leigh Whannell & Ian Brennan
Just had a blast with this one. The comedy is actually a bit hit or miss depending on your tastes...but it's been a while since a horror/comedy felt like it was really having fun while also being smart about it. Plus I'll see anything with Alison Pill in it. And of course....dual rear wheel.

17. DOPE (2015) - written & directed by Rick Famuyiwa
The first half of the film bursts out of the box like lightning. So much so, that the 2nd half of the film can't hold up to its promise. But it's still a load of fun. And Kiersey Clemons is just wonderful.

16. THE DUFF (2015) - directed by Ari Sandel | written by Josh A. Cagan
The teen comedy is alive and well. This was surprisingly smart, funny and romantic; featuring a knockout performance by Mae Whitman. It felt like a modern-day John Hughes type film.

15. THE HATEFUL EIGHT (2015) - written & directed by Quentin Tarantino
No one does it like Tarantino. Some love his stuff. Others avoid him like the plague. Although this film sits in the middle of his filmography for me, I really admire his boldness and "don't give a shit" attitude towards screenwriting and cinema conventions. Only he can get away with certain things that others would be crucified for. I really dug the atmosphere of the movie, while not entirely loving the story. I dug the performances while not entirely loving any of the characters. I was repulsed at times, but couldn't look away. And I'm a sucker for anything old school in terms of the movie going experience, so I really loved the Overture and Intermission experience.

14. DAWN OF THE PLANET OF THE APES (2014)  - directed by Matt Reeves | written by Mark Bomback, Rick Jaffa & Amanda Silver
They said it was better than its predecessor (2011's RISE OF THE PLANET OF THE APES). I didn't believe them. They were right.  

written & directed by Christopher McQuarrie
This was a thrilling, action packed film that was just so entertaining on so many levels. A pure Popcorn Movie through and through. I found myself saying to my wife "this is fun" a lot. Now I realize it may not hold up over the years, however just as so far as enjoying myself with the spectacle of blockbuster cinema, there was no better for me. And that had a lot do with Rebecca Ferguson's electric performance. I enjoyed her so much I'd love a spinoff film with just her character.  

12. EX MACHINA (2015) - written & directed by Alex Garland
The atmosphere in this just oozes with originality and beauty. And as I watched, something felt off and it unnerved me (in a good way). Not sure I dug where the film went in the 3rd act as opposed to what it set up, but it still left me captivated and with some thought provoking questions that I thought about for days after. Not too many films do that nowadays.

11. ME AND EARLY AND THE DYING GIRL (2015) - directed by Alfonso Gomez-Rejon | written by Jesse Andrews
This one definitely felt like a 'Sundance formula' film. But Olivia Cooke is going to be a superstar and it shows in this film. The story is witty. Performances are strong around (Thomas Mann and RJ Cyler have great chemistry). And that ending. I saw this film about a month after my dad passed away, so it probably has something to do with why the film hit me like it did.

10. KEEP ON KEEPIN' ON (2014) - directed by Alan Hicks | written by Davis Coombe & Alan Hicks
This doc about an aspiring artist and his struggles for success, all the while being mentored by the late jazz great Clark Terry was heartbreaking and inspiring. As an artist, I related so much to his plight...the highs and lows. The wonderful bond that is forged between two souls is so poignant and beautiful. And I love jazz, so the soundtrack is a joy. This is also another one I saw after losing my dad, which made the film personally resonate with me in a profound way.

9. BANGKOK HILTON (1989) - directed by Ken Cameron | written by Ken Cameron, Terry Hayes & Tony Morphett
I'm a huge Nicole Kidman fan. And this little seen (around the world) mini-series from her homeland was one of her first breakout roles. For some reason, seeing Denholm Elliot play such a drastically different kind of character was just so compelling. He's just great in it. And Kidman's raw performance had me glued to the edge of my seat. I binge watched this one (approx. 4 hours) in 2 days. PS - look for a young Hugo Weaving in this too.

8. TENDER MERCIES (1983) - directed by Bruce Beresford | written by Horton Foote
Robert Duvall is a national treasure. I think that of all of his most memorable roles, most don't bring up this quiet Oscar-winning performance as their favorite. But for me, watching this broken man's quiet hopefulness slowly slipping away -- and how Duvall just owns it -- left my heart silently aching along with him.

7. IKIRU (1952) - directed by Akira Kurosawa | written by Akira Kurosawa, Shinobu Hashimoto & Hideo Oguni
I stayed away from this film for a while as the topic never really interested me. But as I'm getting along in my years, I finally visited it. And it blew my mind on how it directly deals with mortality and questioning yourself upon leaving some type of mark -- somewhere, anywhere -- before you go. Hoping you will be remembered somehow. By someone. Anyone. I was both uplifted and saddened. It had a deep effect on me and what I hope to achieve as some kind of legacy as a filmmaker...which I realize could ultimately be just tears in rain.

6. CHARLEY VARRICK (1973) - directed by Don Siegel | written by Howard Rodman & Dean Riesner
I'm a sucker for crime/gangster films. Not mafia ones, but more like "regular joe" capers. Con men. Losers. People that aren't perfect. Those are my jam. And when you throw in Walter Matthau chewing up the scenery (that actually sees him be romantic) it's just a blast. Then you add in Joe Don Baker and John Vernon...forget about it!

5. STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS (2015) - directed byJ.J. Abrams | written by Lawrence Kasdan, J.J. Abrams & Michael Arndt
I feel sorry for all the people who rip this film apart for its plot and characters. Because no other movie in a long long time has made me feel like a kid again. I definitely could critique some things, but where's the fun in that? It entertained me. I had a smile on my face pretty much the whole time.

4. IL SORPASSO (1962) - directed by Dino Risi | written by Dino Risi, Ettore Scola & Ruggero Maccari
Quite possibly my favorite road trip film. Many have been done before and after this one. But I just loved how this movie was able to capture the carefree nature of traveling the open road. It wanders naturally. Most modern road trip films feel too constructed, whereas this one just felt I really enjoyed seeing the evolution of the characters and friendship. And without the surprising ending (and its gravitas), I don't think the experience would've been the same.

 4. CLAIRE'S KNEE (1970) and A SUMMER'S TALE (1996)
written & directed by Eric Rohmer
Nothing like a Rohmer film. The pacing. The wandering story. The conversations. And the unrequited desires. Some hate his movies. Others sing his praises. These 2 films were perfect in capturing moments in time where I was vicariously experiencing them with such fucking delight. I felt like I was on vacation, exploring life and love. I also watched several other Rohmer films this year that left me cold and bored....but these two I want to revisit and live again and again.

3. PHANTOM OF THE PARADISE (1974) - written & directed by Brian De Palma
I'm a sucker for musicals. And even a bigger sucker of De Palma films. This one had alluded me for quite some time, even though I've flirted with seeing it many times. I've actually seen snippets of it over the years, but finally it was time to catch this from beginning to end. And oh what an ending. Just loved its bold vision. And the songs. Man, those songs. So haunting and beautiful. So tragic and yet so bitingly funny. I'd love to make something like this.

2. STILL WALKING (2008) - written & directed by Hirokazu Koreeda
Man I love this movie from Hirokazu Koreeda. I watched it a few months after my father had passed away, and even though the father character in this film is nothing like mine, it still was heartbreaking. Partly due to seeing this family interact on-screen and knowing I'll never have that again in my life. And also just seeing how this simple story had so much to say in its simpllicty. This one definitely made me think of my parents and how I love them. And I'll never be able to hold on to what I once had.

1. FORCE MAJEURE (2014) - written & directed by Ruben Östlund
This is by far my actual favorite film I saw in 2015. The dark, dark, DARK humor was just so delicious. And the unpredictable story was just so refreshing. The entire time I was riveted, on the edge of my seat...and it's a drama? Or dark comedy? Or it's a hybrid of everything because I firmly believe that's what life is really like. Life doesn't fit into one genre.  And when the story ends in the movie (like a boss), it feels like it's just the beginning. And it's marvelous.


Other films I really enjoyed for their creep factor were THE GUEST, SPRING and STARRY EYES. The docs ALIVE INSIDE and GLEN CAMPBELL: I'LL BE ME were heartbreaking. And both original series TOGETHERNESS and MASTER OF NONE were stellar.


1/1 - Dawn of the Planet of the Apes; Chinese Puzzle
1/2 - Divergent
1/3 - The Maze Runner; Housebound
1/17 - In The Blood
1/30 - Open Windows; Whiplash
1/31 - Mean Girls (rewatch); Little Shop of Horrors (rewatch); Top Chef
2/1 - Luther (3); Orphan Black
2/2 - Sexy Baby;
2/3 - Luther
2/4 - Top Chef
2/5 - Orphan Black (3); Before I Go To Sleep
2/6 - Switched At Birth (2); Orphan Black (2); Gone Girl
2/7 - Orphan Black (2)
2/9 - Fresh Off The Boat (2)
2/10 - Top Chef
2/12 - Top Chef
2/13 - Knock; Disengaged; Slut; A Case of Pyrophillia; The Only Man; Innocent; Grave Shivers
2/14 - Luther (3); Blood Ties
2/15 - Nightcrawler
2/16 - Luther (2); Honeymoon; Windrider
2/17 - Fresh Off The Boat (2); Fur; Luther
2/20 - Life Itself; Blood and Black Lace
2/21 - Togetherness (2)
2/22 - Oscars
2/23 - Togetherness (4 ); Fresh Off The Boat
2/24 - Two Night Stand; Dear White People
2/25 - The Walking Dead; A Life in Dirty Movies
2/26 - Cloudrise; The Spoils of Babylon
2/27 - The Tenant; House of Cards (3)
2/28 - To Be Takei; Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day; Wrinkles; The Frame; House of Cards (3)
3/1 - House of Cards (2); Lucy
3/3 - The Walking Dead
3/4 - Switched At Birth
3/5 - Ouija;
3/6 - Love, Rosie
3/7 - Fresh Off The Boat; Togetherness; Men, Women and Children; Trek Nation; Star Trek: Generations; Secretary
3/8 - House of Cards (5);
3/9 - Walking Dead; Talking Dead
3/10 - Fresh Off The Boat
3/11 - Foxcatcher; Sawdust and Tinsel; Starry Eyes; Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt (3)
3/12 - Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt; Big Hero 6
3/13 - Back Issues: The Hustler Magazine Story
3/14 - Les Mis on stage (Arizona Broadway Theater)
3/16 - Kingsman: The Secret Service
3/18 - Walking Dead; Talking Dead; Love and Death (rewatch)
3/19 - Phoenix Film Fest shorts; And So It Goes; Switched At Birth
3/20 - The Search for General Tso’s Chicken; Barbecue; Animal
3/21 - Star Trek: TOS; Glee, Everything Or Nothing
3/22 - Spring
3/23 - Force Majeure; I Origins; Switched At Birth
3/28 - A Million Ways To Die in the West
4/1 - Hollywood’s Best Film Directors (Ivan Reitman)
4/2 - The Tale of the Princess Kaguya; Walking Dead (2)
4/3 - Ask Me Anything; Going Clear;
4/4 - Furious 7; Fresh Off the Boat;
4/5 - Whisper of the Heart; Interstellar; Coherence
4/6 - Mad Men; eXistenZ; Twilight Zone (2)
4/7 - Twilight Zone
4/8 - Fresh Off The Boat; Poltergeist (rewatch); Rebid
4/9 - Premature; Twilight Zone (2)
4/10 - Sharky’s Machine; Switched At Birth; The Devil Came From Akasava
4/11 - masterchef; masterchef jr
4/14 - Mad Men; Fresh Off the Boat
4/15 - Big Eyes; Exposed
4/16 - Armour of God
4/17 - Wolfcop, She’s All That (rewatch)
4/18 - Corruption; 10 Things I Hate About You (rewatch)
4/21 - The Babadook; The West Wing
4/22 - The West Wing
4/23 - The West Wing
4/24 - Une Liberation; Boost
4/26 - Luther; The Twilight Zone; Silicon Valley
4/27 - Luther; Mad Men; Girly
5/6 - mad men
5/7 - Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice
5/8 - The Great Gatsby; Monster; House on Sorority Row; The Peacemaker (rewatch)
5/9 - West Wing
5/10 - West Wing;  Mission Impossible 4 (rewatch);
5/11 - Australian exploitation film
5/12 - Make Way For Tomorrow
5/13 - West Wing, Switched at Birth
5/14 - West Wing; The Train; Next Food Network Star
5/15 - Underworld (rewatch)
5/17 - Still Alice
5/18 - Silicon Valley; Mad Men; Next Food Network Star
5/19 - Mischief (rewatch); Secret Admirer (rewatch); Next Food Network Star
5/20 - Run; Next Food Network Star
5/21 - Next Food Network Star
5/22 - Next Food Network Star
5/23 - Charley Varrick; West Wing
5/24 - The Rocketeer (rewatch); Zombeavers; The Den
5/25 - West Wing;  Parts Unknown
5/26 - West Wing; Small Time Crooks (rewatch); Parts Unknown; Bangkok Hilton
5/27 - Creature; The Duff; It! The Terror From Beyond Space; Bangkok Hilton (2)
5/28 - Bangkok Hilton (2); The Black Marble;
5/29 - The Thing (rewatch)
6/8 - Silicon Valley; Disturbia (rewatch); The Wraith (rewatch)
6/9 - The Pyramid; The Conversation (rewatch); McFarland USA, The Inbetweeners 2;
6/10 - Capricorn One (rewatch); Nashville Girl
6/11 - Experiment in Terror;
6/21 - Coal Miner’s Daughter
6/27 - History of the Eagles (Part One & Part Two)
6/28 - What Happened, Miss Simone?; Backstreet Boys: Show 'Em What You’re Made Of
6/29 - The Other One:…Bob Weir; Rush: Beyond the Lighted Stage
6/30 - Paddington
7/1 - The Fleetwood Mac Story
7/4 - Almost Famous (rewatch); SuperMensch: The Legend of Shep Gordon; Who Is Harry Nilsson?
7/5 - Fame High; Big Star: Nothing Can Hurt Me; Austin to Boston
7/13 - Ballers (3 eps)
7/14 - Ballers; The Sure Thing (rewatch)
7/15 - Fabulous Baker Boys (rewatch); Roller Boogie
7/16 - Our Vinyl Weighs A Ton; Switched At Birth; B.B. King: The Life of Riley
7/17 - The World of Henry Orient; Love Exposure; Savage Streets; Laggies
7/18 - Can’t Stand Losing You: Surviving the Police;
7/19 - Harry in Your Pocket; Little Miss Sunshine (rewatch)
7/20 - Switched At Birth; Ballers;
7/22 - The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel;
7/23 - Masterchef; Home Free
7/24 - Dead Bullet (rough cut)
7/25 - Dead Again (rewatch); Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (rewatch)
7/26 - Ballers; Let’s Get Lost;
7/27 - Il Sorpasso; The Guest
7/28 - Ikiru; Switched at Birth; Goodbye To All That
7/29 - Me and Earl and the Dying Girl
7/30 - Troubadours;
8/1 - A Star Is Born (1976); Focus;
8/2 - I, Madman; Phantom of the Paradise (rewatch)
8/3 - Katy Perry: Part of Me; Ballers
8/6 - Master Chef, Home Free
8/7 - Beyond the Lights
8/8 - Insurgent; Far From The Madding Crowd
8/9 - Barely Lethal; Ballers
8/10 - Tender Mercies; Crazy Heart (rewatch); Casting By
8/11 - It Follows
8/13 - A Summer’s Tale; The Sign of Leo; Masterchef; Sex and Drugs and Rock n’ Roll
8/22 - Burying the Ex
8/23 - masterchef; homefree; Eagle Eye (rewatch)
8/24 - ballers; F/X (rewatch)
8/25 - Tell No One; The Fugitive (rewatch); While We’re Young
8/26 - The Interpreter; The China Syndrome; Wet Hot American Summer; Chained Heat
8/27 - The Game (rewatch); Who Framed Roger Rabbit? (rewatch); The Sugarland Express; Hackers (rewatch)
8/28 - Wet Hot American Summer
8/29 - Masterchef
8/30 - Michael Clayton (rewatch); Blackhat; Home Free
8/31 - Wet Hot American Summer
9/1 - Still of the Night; The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo; Project Greenlight
9/2 - Thelma and Louise; Project Greenlight
9/3 - Project Greenlight
9/4 - Project Greenlight
9/5 - Home Free; Project Greenlight
9/6 - The Incredibles (rewatch); Miracle Mile; I’ll Be Me;
9/7 - Project Greenlight
9/8 - Senior Project
9/9 - I’ll Be Me
9/11- Switched At Birth
9/12 - Road Hard
9/13 - Master Chef; Home Free; Project Greenlight
9/14 - Late Spring; Still Walking; Switched At Birth
9/15 - Switched At Birth; Sunrise; Atlantic City; Road to Nothing; Zathura (rewatch); Janie Jones
9/16 - Tig
9/17 - Switched At Birth; Keep On Keepin’ On; Master Chef; Grace Unplugged;
9/18 - Never Tear Us Apart: The Story of INXS
9/19 - Cherry 2000; Firewalker; Mary Mary Bloody Mary
9/21 - Quiet Riot: Well Now You’re Here, There’s No Way Back; Greetings From Tim Buckley; Who The F*#K Is Arthur Fogle; Tig: Boy Girl Interrupted; One Direction: This Is Us
9/22 - Paul Williams Still Alive; Knock Knock It’s Tig Nitaro; Love and Mercy; Charles Bradley: Soul of America;
9/23 -  Switched At Birth; The Man With The Golden Gun (rewatch); Jimi Hendrix: Hear My Train A Comin’; Meat Loaf: In and Out of Hell; Richard Linklater: 21 Years
10/4 - Project Greenlight
10/5 - The Swell Season; Richard Pryor Doc; Remembering Robin Williams
10/7 - Batkid Begins; I Need That Record
10/8 - Fresh Off The Boat; Harold Mayor Of The Sunset Strip
10/11 - Bruce Springsteen: Blood Brothers; Entourage the movie
10/12 - Project Greenlight; Magic Mike XXL
10/13 - Coyote Ugly (rewatch); Bachelor Night
10/14 - Open Road;
10/15 - Chops; Hit So Hard; Fresh Off The Boat; Final Girls
10/16 - San Andreas;
10/20 - High Fidelity (rewatch)
10/21 - Back In Time
10/22 - The Wolkfpack; Jurassic World
10/23 - Unfriended; Man Up
10/24 - The Blob (1988; rewatch): Fright Night (1985; rewatch)
10/25 - Spinning Plates; Living Is Easy With Eyes Closed;
10/26 - Project Greenlight; It Might Get Loud
10/28 - Shark Tank
10/29 - Shark Tank
10/30 - Project Greenlight
11/3 - Alan Zweig’s VINYL; The Leisure Class
11/4 - Do I Sound Gay?
11/6 - Inside/Out, Shark Tank
11/8 - Saturday Night Fever; Master of None
11/9 - The Collector; Master of None;
11/10 - Tu Y Yo, Lost In Translation (rewatch); Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara;
11/15 - Tomorrowland; The Gift
11/16 - Shark Tank
11/17 - Ned Rifle;
11/18 - Safelight; Fresh Off The Boat; Aziz Live at Madison Square Garden
11/19 -  Dope
11/20 - Unnerved spot check
11/21 - The Runaways
11/22 - Walking Dead
11/24 - Claire’s Knee
12/1 - Electric Boogalo: The Wild, Untold Story of Cannon Films
12/2 - Chaos on the Bridge; Fresh off the boat
12/3 - 3 Nights in the Desert;
12/4 - A Very Murray Christmas; Bait; Cop Car
12/5 - Shark Tank; Junior Masterchef
12/6 - Junior Masterchef
12/7 - Junior Masterchef
12/8 - Amy
12/9 - Shack Out on 101;
12/10 - Spectre;
12/11 - Cooties
12/12 - Shark Tank
12/15 - Torn Curtain; Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation
12/16 - Jane The Virgin
12/18 - People, Places, Things;
12/19 - Star Wars: The Force Awakens
12/23 - Silver Linings Playbook (rewatch); Short Term 12 (rewatch); We Are Your Friends; Ex Machina
12/24 - The Hateful Eight
12/25 - Mad Max: Fury Road
12/26 - Love Actually (rewatch)
12/27 - It Happened One Night (rewatch); John Wick; Goodnight Mommy

One of the Greats: Steven Soderbergh's OUT OF SIGHT

Every now and then I like to write a small review on my “Great Films” list.

OUT OF SIGHT (1998) | Dir: Steven Soderbergh | Writer: Scott Frank (based on a novel by Elmore Leonard) | Editor: Anne V. Coates

Writing a smart, tightly-paced crime/thriller/comedy is tough. Finding or developing chemistry between the lead actors is even tougher. Steven Soderbergh deftly accomplishes an incredible feat by forming a world in which lines are not firmly drawn in the sand, and the characters are so vibrant and alive.

One can visit IMDB.COM for the plot, so I won’t rehash it here. Rather, I applaud Soderbergh’s and editor Anne V. Coates’ approach to the non-linear editing, overlapping dialogue and use of freeze-frames (see video below). Somehow, every time I view the film it seems fresh and daring. Most American filmmakers would shy away from the use of freeze-frames in the middle of a scene, but this dares you to understand the need for its incorporation. After all, it’s such a story that two contrasting leads Jack Foley (George Clooney) and Karen Sisco (Jennifer Lopez) and their, seemingly opposite beliefs, that calls for this sense of rhythm. This film definitely influenced my editing style and inclinations.

This was the movie that put Clooney on the map as a legitimate star. Not well received at the box-office (and pre J-Lo days), reexamining this now invites you to understand human complexities, long for the unattainable love and appreciate those who are in your life.

Magic Moment: From the elevator, Jack Foley waves to Karen Sisco even though she -- and a whole team -- are on the hunt for him.