bad luck dandelion


I filmed BAD LUCK DANDELION: PART TWO of the LONELINESS TRILOGY last year. I've been so busy, I haven't had time to finish the project. Yet.

I'm so excited about this series, I just had to share some images with you. These are totally unfinished shots (as you can see from the green screen). I can't thank my cast and crew enough for believing in this fantastical story. It's realllllly out there. In fact, the lead actress Marion Kerr mentioned to me "this movie looks full bonkers." -- yeah, that's why I love it.

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Marion Kerr as 'Dani'

Bill DeMeritt & Marion Kerr

Bill DeMeritt & Marion Kerr

Marion Kerr (Dani)

Marion Kerr & Monia Ayachi

Erika Ishii (Barbara)