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Influenced by a Quiet Master: (Bergman and Me)

I'm a huge Bergman fan. Growing up, I never knew who he was or saw any of his films. I think the only time in my childhood I heard the name "Ingmar Bergman" brought up was when Siskel and Ebert mentioned FANNY AND ALEXANDER being one of their favorite films of 1982.

As an adult, I've discovered some of his films have made a huge impact on me in terms of character (usually led by strong female protagonists), theme and gravitas, not to mention some very visually stunning work. In fact, CRIES AND WHISPERS might be one of the most terrifying films I've seen in the past 10 years.

Not that anyone would notice, but he has definitely influenced me in my filmmaking, especially for WHAT'S UP LOVELY and an upcoming film in the works.

Here's an amazing video essay showing the influence of PERSONA on a myriad of other filmmakers' works.