I thought filmmaking was a fantasy. It was just something I played growing up as a boy. I only knew Hollywood as someplace we went for summer vacations. 

Thanks to my parents, I loved the movies before I could walk. However as I grew up, I never considered that filmmaking could be a career. Only famous people like Hitchcock and Spielberg made films. So instead I majored in psychology and got an office job. But something was missing. I needed to make movies. After 5 years of corporate life, I quit to pursue my dream.

Becoming a filmmaker has been fulfilling in so many ways. I've worked with many wonderful artists. I've traveled around the world screening my films. If you told me when I was that little kid in the Silicon Valley that I'd live in New York and Los Angeles for the sake of cinema, I would've laughed and said you were joking. And yet, here I am.

I love directing different genres because to me, a story is a story, regardless of place and time.  Currently, I'm in post-production for UNNERVED, a supernatural horror/thriller. And I'm developing a few more. When not working, you can find me….oh who am I kidding I’m working all the time now because I love what I do. I’ve got movies on the brain.