Sci-Fi | Action | Comedy

*2018 Academy Nicholl Fellowship Semifinalist
*2018 Script Pipeline Finalist (Top 10 of 4500 entries)
*2018 Final Draft Big Break Quarterfinalist
*2019 ScreenCraft Fellowship Semifinalist

After a drunken one night stand, two strangers wake up to discover an alien invasion outside the window, forcing them to navigate their budding relationship while fighting to survive.

“a well crafted, entertaining rollercoaster of a ride… blends clever humor with the action…” - Nicholl Fellowship reader

“High octane, fast paced action drives this script and keeps the pages turning effortlessly…the center of the story becomes the way our differences can and should get set aside for the greater good…” - Nicholl Fellowship reader

“...a tricky genre blend (sci-fi/horror/comedy) that actually works, thanks to a thoughtful treatment of character and a completely unexpected, compelling plot. Juggles a diverse, ensemble cast awfully well." - Script Pipeline



Drama | Comedy | Music

*2017 Academy Nicholl Fellowship Quarterfinalist
*2018 WeScreenplay Diverse Voices Finalist

A modern-day musical about a struggling musician and a rising star who cross paths and embark on an eventful road trip, which forces them to confront their life and career decisions.

Comparable films: Once, Almost Famous, A Star Is Born

"The dialogue is smart, and this script has a polished voice which makes for a fun read... has a strong voice, an endearing lead character, and many fun crowd-pleasing moments." - The Black List reader

"This is an entertaining and enjoyable musical drama with a strong female protagonist... It's a polished and enjoyable script..." - The Black List reader



Drama | Comedy | Half-hour Episodic Series

Pilot Logline:
Still reeling from the heartbreak of a divorce, an unemployed Asian-American man must overcome racial stereotypes in the dating world.

Series Logline:
This series follows the experiences and romantic hardships of recently divorced Tai Choi as he re-enters the dating scene, and deals with all the joys and pangs of being an Asian male in today’s America. INSECURE meets MASTER OF NONE.

“The premise of this show is strong, promising right from the start a complex exploration of race and racism… That sounds heady and dark, but the show itself is pretty light and enjoyable as it discusses these ideas.” - The Black List reader

“Dialogue throughout the show is funny…” - The Black List reader