HORROR | 79 mins | 2009

This was my first "for-hire" feature film. I'm so grateful Fearmaker Studios took a chance on me. My best memories of making this are hanging with the actors, crew and the wonderful locals of Blakely, Georgia. There are some juicy stories to tell over some beers from this set.

Two of the biggest things I remember from this shoot:

1. The crew being shocked that I introduced myself to each of them and thanked them each day. Someone told me "the director usually doesn't talk to us." That fucking shocked me.

2. People were hooking up left and right. It was like summer camp.

Directing this was such a learning experience, which included a lot of firsts: first time working with a script that I didn't write, first time filming on location for a long period of time, first time not having final cut, first time working with CG, first time rushing a film for a screening deadline....I could go on and on.

My experience inspired storyline aspects for future projects. At the time I was worried about what a low budget horror film would mean for my career, to which my brother responded with "what career?" -- yup that basic conversation made it into HOW DO YOU WRITE A JOE SCHERMANN SONG, pretty much word for word.

Fun Facts:
The film has played on Showtime and The Movie Channel. In Germany, its known as BLEED.

Will and me

Capel and me

I had the honor of being in actor Will Triplett's wedding.

I saved actress Capel Kane from sinking in a mudhole.